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If you have turned a new page in your life or are looking to do so this site might just be for you. This site is all about the things I have learned and places I have been on my journey of self-improvement and I hope they can be of help to you.

Who am I? A graphic designer turned bike educator, rounded off with a modest outdoor skill set. To sum it up, an aspiring Jack of All Trades. I’ve designed books, apparel,  pamphlets and parking tickets for organizations around the Chicago Metro Area. I’ve also taught classes for children of various ages as well as adults in casual and professional environments on subjects from learning to ride,  and how to navigate the bike-ways of Chicago and Denver, as well as outdoor survival skills.

What you can expect from my website: postings on developing skills, personal improvement, some of my own adventures, future business endeavors and more. The pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement are important pillars of my life and I hope to share some of what I have learned so that you may benefit.

If you like this site, or learned something useful, inspirational or amusing please subscribe and pass it along.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

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