The First Steps In Growing My Own Food

One of the things I’ve made a priority in making my life better day by day is taking better care of my health and one main that I do that is through my food. It doesn’t have to organic, free-range, grass fed and $15 a pound. I just prefer whole foods with little to no processing and as fresh as reasonably possible. To help meet those desires I have been looking into growing a small amount of my own at home. I’ve done container gardens back in Chicago with good results but I wanted to include some method of extending my growing season. Enter aquaponics.

The basic gist of aquaponics is to duplicate an aquatic environment as we see in nature. They generally are broken into two main components, the fish and the grow-bed with water flowing between the two. Simply put: you feed the fish and eventually they poop. The water is moved up to the grow-bed where the nutrient (fish poop) is broken down by bacteria and converted into nitrogen for the plants growing there. The water having been biologically and mechanically filtered returns to the fish tank and the cycle repeats.


Not looking to invest lots of money on something I’m still learning about I took to YouTube and came across the $10 “Miniponics” system and decided that it was good way to get my feet wet on the subject. Having completed my initial build I can tell you it cost more than $10 but was still pretty affordable for a small system. I will be writing posts covering the build and progress updates, so be sure to check back for those. Until then I’ve embedded some videos bellow.


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