20 Gallon System

As promised and requested this is a brief tour of the first draft of my 20 gallon aquaponics system. Please feel free leave comments with your thoughts and suggestions.


Being Prepared

I believe the very idea of preparedness has gotten a bad rep lately in our society. From hokey TV shows, and media perception to the general dependency on authority and the discouraging of critical thought. In reality preparedness is just an extension of living our lives, especially now as adults. Continue reading “Being Prepared”

Growing My Own Food 3

If you’re visiting here for the first time be sure check out my first posting in this series that started it all. Since the completion of the miniponics build I’ve had a few months to play around with it and learn some things about small scale gardening.

To start out I divided the grow bed into thirds for variety and sample size. From there I started planting and ran into my first improvement. Continue reading “Growing My Own Food 3”

The First Steps In Growing My Own Food

One of the things I’ve made a priority in making my life better day by day is taking better care of my health and one main that I do that is through my food. It doesn’t have to organic, free-range, grass fed and $15 a pound. I just prefer whole foods with little to no processing and as fresh as reasonably possible. To help meet those desires I have been looking into growing a small amount of my own at home. Continue reading “The First Steps In Growing My Own Food”

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